Bearing & Lubrication Trainer


Trainees can learn about various bearing and lubrication, one of the most essential parts of aircraft engines while they can also gain hands-on experience for lubrication on the engine in BRN-100A training set

Trainees can observe cut views of bearings on the training set


  1. The trainer should allow trainees to understand fundamentals of Bearing & Lubrication
  2. Lubrication application should be possible.
  3. The greasing application should be possible.
  4. Two (2) types of pillow block bearing.
  5. One (1) deep groove ball bearing.
  6. One (1) cut-away deep groove ball bearing.
  7. One (1) spherical roller bearing.
  8. One (1) cut-away Spherical roller bearing.
  9. One (1) Thrust ball bearing.
  10. One (1) cut-away Thrust ball bearing.
  11. One (1) Taper roller bearing.
  12. One (1) cut-away Taper roller bearing.
  13. One (1) needle roller bearing.
  14. Two (2) linear bearings.
  15. Lubrication area and a drain line.
  16. Five (5) degreasing sprays.
  17. There should be a grease and min two (2) grease pumps.
  18. Five (5) oilers.
  • The system should be mounted on a metal/aluminium mobile stand.

  • Metal/aluminium frame should be with 4 wheels. 2 of 4 wheels must be lockable.

  • Colored Ultraviolet printing method must be used in all writings and drawings on aluminium composite panel. (It makes more durable and quality)

  • Students’ manual should be provided with the trainer

  • Training video for teachers should be provided with the trainer