Science Center  & Museum Equipments

ADF has designed and produced interactive exhibitions for science centers and museums since 2017. By combining entertainment and education together, we create a unique and an inspirational experience for each visitor. Our expert engineers and architects are ready to provide a wide range of services for your science and entertainment technologies projects.

Gazhane Energy Science Center- Istanbul

Currently restored by Guryapi, Gazhane is one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality facilities. For its science campus, we are producing 26 interactive exhibitions to fit into the area of 350 m2. Visitors will be able to experiment and learn about the formation, transformation, types and future of energy together with the effects of energy usage on climate change when project is launched later this year.

Pre-School Gallery of GUHEM - Bursa

GUHEM has been designed with the cooperation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in order to inspire youth on space and aviation fields. Turkey’s first space-themed center GUHEM will have 150 interactive exhibits when launched later in 2020.

Aviation Academy - GUHEM - Bursa

ADF built a part of the aviation academy, one of the exhibit spaces in GUHEM between 2018 – 2019 under the leadership of TUBITAK.

Toys & Illusion Museum - Mall of Istanbul

As the result of 2019 conversations with Argos Entertainment Technologies, we are happy to announce our collaboration on the project of interactive toys and illusion museum.