Solar Module Measurements


Typical electric components from practical usage of photovoltaic
Operation with photovoltaic simulator or actual photovoltaic modules e.G. STE 115


  1. Trainer for solar module measurements

  2. Pivoting solar modules on mobile frames

  3. Series and parallel connection options

  4. Slide resistor as variable load

  5. 2 Power resistors for expanding the measuring range

  6. Measuring amplifier with digital displays for current, voltage, illuminance and module temperature

  7. Reference cell as illuminance sensor


  1. Module design
    • Number of cells: 36
    • Cell material: monocrystalline silicon
    • Module area: 0.64m2
  2. Typical module parameters under STC (Standard Test Conditions)
    • Max. output: 85W
    • Short-circuit current: approx. 5,3A
    • Open-circuit voltage: approx. 22V
  3. Slide resistor: 0…1092
  4. Two power resistors: 2282/50W
  5. Measuring ranges
    • Temperature: 0…100°C
    • Voltage: 0…200V
    • Current: 0…20A
    • Illuminance: 0…3kW/m2
    • Inclination: 0…90°

Power and Electrical

  • Mains Connection: 230V, 50Hz, 1 phases