Series and Parallel Pumps V.2

FM-100.09 E

Teaching Experimental Applications

EXPERIMENT 1: Single Pump Head-Flow Relationship (Characteristic curve)

Description: To Show the relationship between total head and the flow-rate output supplied by the pump.

EXPERIMENT 2 : Finding The Single Pump Specific Speed 

Description: To learn how to extract the value of Specific Speed Of a pump so that it can be used characterize the type of impeller in a pump.

EXPERIMENT 3: Finding Single Pump Efficiency
Description: The experiment is designed for students to learn how to find the efficiency of pumps and evaluate factors on which the efficiency depends.

EXPERIMENT 4: Finding the Single Pump NPSH (A) Value

Description: Purpose of experiment is the students should learn the basic concept of NPSH and NPSHr.

EXPERIMENT 5: Plotting the Serial Combo Pump Characteristic Curve
Description: This experiment is designed to 1. Visually Observe the effect of Series Combination on Pressure and then on flow.

EXPERIMENT 6: Drawing the Parallel Combo Pump Characteristic Curve

Description: The new curve can be found experimentally by connecting two identical parallel pumps in series.

Technical Details

Internal diameters:

  • Suction pipe: Ø interior = 24.4 mm. Ø exterior = 25.4 mm.
  • Drive pipe Ø interior = 24.4 mm., Ø exterior = 25.4 mm.


  • The internal tank capacity is 27 liters (It doesn’t require external water source)
  • Material of tank PVC Plexy


  • Bourdon type with glycerin from 0 Bar – 4 Bar.
  • Bourdon type with glycerin from –0.5 Bar – 0.5 Bar. (x3)

Pumps characteristics:

  • Maximum flow 100(Vertical) +200 (Horizontal) l/min.
  • Maximum head: 12 m water ( sufficient for the pump intake, can be vary)
  • Speed control: Fixed

Other elements:

  • Electronic flow meter: 120 LPM High Flow Rate/ 60 LPM Low Flow rate (with display)
  • Ammeter x 02: 3.6 amp
  • Control Console

Pressure gauges:

  • Inlet 0-100 PSI and outlet of pumps 0-200 PS


Capacity: 27L
Material Of Tank: Fiber Glass


Total Quantity Installed: 05
Type: Suction / 02 gauges (Pumps inlet) P1 & P2

Discharge / 03 gauges ( pump Outlet) P3, P4 & P5


Type: Ball Valves
Total Quantity Installed: 05 Values (V1,V2,V3,V4 & V5)

V1 & V2: Pumps Inlet
V3: Discharge to V5 from Pump1
V4: Inlet from Pump1 to Pump2 (IsolationValve)

V5: Discharge to Drain from Pump2 (ThrottleValve)


Pipe Type: PPRC (Polypropylene Random Co polymer) Which is one of the indispensable products of plastic pipe sector for indoor and hot water system. With his smooth structure and easy installation, the PPRC pipe is also used with light and  hygienic structure.

Joints : 14 x 90o Elbows, 2x 45o Elbows, 5 x Tee
Pipe Diameter used mm (in) : 25.4 (1.00)
Hose Dia and connector : 1.25in Quick connector 32mm Gardena brand


Pumps (Qty) : 02
Power (kW/HP) : 0.65 (0.85)
Electric consumption (V/I/Hz) : 220 / 3.6 /50Hz

Head (max), m : 13
Flow Rate (LPM) : 300
Weight (Kg) : 08
Speed Max (RPM) : 2850


Ammeters (Qty) : 02
Indicator light : Yes ( Red)
Switches : 03 ( Two For Pumps and One Main Power)