Runnable Piston Engine Aircraft Training Set (Fixed Propeller)


Trainees can learn main components and systems in an aircraft piston engine with PSA-100F Runnable Piston Engine Trainer. They can operate a gas turbine engine with the training set after learning on operational procedures. Training set includes all the systems that is on an piston engine.

The trainees may also be trained to remove and replace different parts for field level experiment and maintenance practice.

• Data Acquisition System (DTA-100A)


  1. Understanding fundamentals of aircraft piston engines and its components.
  2. Engine;
    • Four (4) or Six (6) Cylinder Aircraft Piston Engine
  3. Systems;
    • Electrical Systems (Ignition and starting)
    • Fuel system
    • Propeller control system
    • Instrument System
    • Control System
    • Master Power System
  4. Electrical System
    • Starter
    • Magnetos
    • Ignition leads
    • Ignition unit
    • Plugs (spare plug included)
    • Battery; (battery charger included)
  5. Instruments Systems (Digital or Analogue)
    • RPM/Tachometer Gauges
    • Manifold Pressure Gauge
    • Oil Pressure Gauges
    • Oil Temperature Gauges
    • Fuel Pressure Gauge
    • CHT Indicator (4 pieces)
    • EGT Indicator (4 pieces)
    • Fuel Quantity Gauge
    • Voltmeter
    • Ammeter
    • Hour meter
  6. Propeller
    • Connected with the fixed pitch propeller assembly including spinner and governor.
    • Two or Three blade options
  7. Control
    • Throttle Control (Push open)
    • Mixture Control (Pull lean)
  8. Master/Control Panel
    • Aircraft system circuit breakers
    • Master power switch
    • Master power lamp
    • Fuel control
    • Starter control
    • Magneto control
    • Beacon control
  9. Test Cabin
    • The system mounted on a metal/aluminum mobile semi-enclosed test cell cabin
    • Plexiglass windows in the front and on both sides.
    • Fire Extinguisher is to be mounted inside
    • Three anti-collision light mounted (Right & Left side and top)
    • Six (6) Tie points
  10. Data Acquisition System (DTA-100A)
    • The complete data acquisition system including engine-mounted sensors,
    • Signal conditioning circuits,
    • Data acquisition hardware,
    • And software that captures several engine parameters in real time are to be incorporated
    • All sensors to be measured for plotting graphs, calculation and analysis
    • The equipment has provision for effective and accurate automatic data acquisition system. It should allow students to display, graph and analyze all relevant variables and save their results for later analysis.
  11. General
    • Exhaust with silencer/muffler
    • Fuel: AVGAS
    • Fuel Tank included
    • Tool Kit included
    • Spark plug socket included
    • An original aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU) Plug included
  12. Testers (Included)
    • Differential cylinder pressure tester
    • Dual magneto synchronizer
  • Wirings on the trainer are connected via terminals
  • Wires should have clear identification labels for each wire
  • All wires should be coded and labeled for troubleshooting
  • Metal/aluminum frame with 4 wheels. All wheels are lockable
  • Heavy duty vibration and shear mounts to absorb vibrations
  • Training video for teachers
  • Delivered fully assembled tested and ready to operate
  • Colored Ultraviolet printing method on aluminum composite panel.


  • User’s Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Device’s original Manual
  • Device’s original Electrical Wiring Diagrams
  • CBT- computer-based training

Power Specs

  • Energy Signal Lamp
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz