Pump Variations Training Set


The experiments familiarize students with various pump types, such as centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. The DM-102 trainer includes two centrifugal pumps, one piston pump as a positive displacement pump and a self-priming side-channel pump. The side-channel pump works primarily as a centrifugal pump and, depending on liquid level, can also act as a positive displacement pump. This means, as a special feature, the side-channel pump also permits gases to be pumped. The pump being investigated pumps water in a closed circuit.

In the process, the performance data of the pump and pressure losses in the pipeline are recorded. The centrifugal pumps can also be operated in parallel or in series configuration. Each pump is driven by a separate three-phase AC motor. The speed of the motors for the centrifugal pumps is variably adjustable by a frequency converter. All motors are mounted on swivel bearings, so the torque can be measured by way of a force sensor, enabling the mechanical drive power output to be determined. One free position is likewise equipped with a reversible three-phase AC motor with variable speed. This position can be used for mounting of any pump. Experiments demonstrate the basic operating behavior of various pump types.

The trainer is operated and controlled by the integrated PLC with touch screen. By means of an integrated router, the trainer can alternatively be operated and controlled via an end device. The user interface can also be displayed on up to 10 end devices (screen mirroring). Via the PLC, the measured values can be stored internally.


  1. Experiments relating to key issues in pump engineering
  2. Comparison of various pump types: centrifugal pump, piston pump, side-channel pump
  3. Operation of centrifugal pumps in parallel or series configuration
  4. Free position for additional pump
  5. Three-phase AC motors for centrifugal pumps and additional motor with variable speed by frequency converter
  6. Plant control with PLC, operation via touch screen
  7. Integrated router for operation and control via an end device and for screen mirroring: possible to mirror the user interface on up to 10 end devices data acquisition via PLC on internal USB memory,

Technical data

  1. PLC
  2. Centrifugal pump 2x
    1. max. flow rate: 330L/min
    2. max. head: 23m
  3. Three-phase AC motor 2x, for centrifugal pump
    1. power output: 1,5kW
    2. nominal speed: 2900min-1
  4. Side-channel pump, self-priming, one-stage
    1. max. flow rate: 83L/min
    2. max. head: 50m
  5. Three-phase AC motor for side-channel pump
    1. power output: 1,1kW
    2. nominal speed: 1500min-1
  6. Piston pump
    1. max. flow rate: 17L/min
    2. max. head: 60m
  7. Three-phase AC motor for piston pump
    1. power output: 0,55kW
    2. nominal speed: 1400min-1
  8. Three-phase AC motor, additional motor, reversible
    1. power output: 0,75kW
    2. nominal speed: 2800min-1
  9. Measuring ranges
    1. flow rate: 0…300L/min
    2. pressure (inlet): -1…1,5bar
    3. pressure (outlet): 0…10bar
    4. torque: 0…15Nm
    5. speed: 0…3000min -1
    6. pump electrical power consumption: 0…2kW
  • 400V, 50Hz, 3 phases; 400V, 60Hz, 3 phases
  • 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases
  • Dimensions and weight
  • LxWxH: 2860x1200x1960mm; Weight: approx. 430kg