Principles of Solar Thermal Energy


Two-stage biogas plant (continuous or discontinuous Tanks made of stainless steel operation possible)

2 stirred tank reactors made of stainless steel with capacities level sensors


  1. Functional demonstration model of a solar thermal system

  2. Lighting unit with 16 halogen bulbs

  3. Spacing and inclination adjustable collector

  4. 2 replaceable absorbers with different coating

  5. Parabolic trough collector available as accessory ET 202.01

  6. Solar circuit with pump and variable flow

  7. Hot water storage tank with tube coil as heat exchanger and electrical auxiliary heater

  8. Sensors detect temperature and illuminance

  9. Network capability: observe, acquire, analyse experiments at any number of workstations with

  10. A software via the customer’s own LAN/WLAN network

  11. A software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 8, 10


  1. Flat collector
    • Absorber, selective coating
    • Absorber, blackened coating
    • Absorbing surface: 320x330mm
    • Inclination angle: 0…60°0
  2. Lighting unit
    • Lamp field: 16x 75W
  3. Pump
    • Adjustable flow: 0…24L/h
  4. Measuring ranges
    • Temperature: 4x 0…100°C
    • Flow rate: 0.30L/h
    • Illuminance: 0…3kW/m2

Power and Electrical

  • Mains Connection: 230V, 50Hz, 1 phases