Pitot / Static Test Device


Pitot Static test set and is perfect for leak testing aircraft pitot and static systems or on-board testing of altimeters/vertical speed indicators and airspeed indicators.

Testers are designed with hand pumps or electrical pumps and external pressure ports for delivering the required pressure and vacuum required for on-board testing


  1. Performs precision Pitot-Static leak tests
  2. Ideal for calibration training checks and troubleshooting
  3. Two-instrument combination with optional ranges
  4. Lightweight plastic case for portability
  5. Fully portable and self-contained
  6. Original durable and lockable box
  7. Pressure Adjustment
  8. Vacuum Adjustment
  9. Airspeed indicator check
  10. Altimeter indicator check
  11. Variometer indicator check


  1. Altimeter
  2. Vertical Speed Indicator
  3. Air Speed Indicator
  4. Vacuum Pump
  5. Pressure Pump
  6. Vacuum control switch
  7. Pressure sontrol switch
  8. Pitot adjust knob
  9. Static adjust knob
  10. Crossfeed knob
  11. Pitot vent knob
  12. Static vent knob
  13. Pitot pressure outlet
  14. Static pressure outlet
  15. Hose
  16. Fittings
  17. Cables


  • User’s Manual
  • Training video for teachers

Power Specs

  •  110 VAC 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 or 24 Volt DC power