Micro-Switch Training Set


The trainer allow trainees to understand fundamentals of Micro-Switch. Trainer have 5 different type of Micro-Switch which are used with pneumatic system.

Delivered fully assembled tested and ready to operate.


  1. Aircraft micro-switch application
  2. 3/2-way valve operation
  3. Different types of 5/2-way valve operation
  4. Single-acting cylinder operation
  5. Combine logic operations
  6. Analyses and set up circuits with two cylinders.
  7. Explain and implement AND/OR logic operations.


  1. Aircraft Circuit breaker
  2. 5 different Micro-Switch
    • Long Lever
    • Short lever
    • Roller lever ( 2 different type)
    • Limit Switch
  3. Pneumatic Filter
  4. Min 4 (four) Pneumatic cylinder
    • Min 1(one) Double acting cylinder with double rod
    • Min 2 (two) Double acting cylinder with single rod
    • Min 1(one) Single acting cylinder
  5. Min 2(two) Pressure gauge
  6. Min 3(three) 3/2-way roller lever valve, normally closed
  7. Min 3(three) 3/2-way roller lever valve with idle return
  8. Min 1(one) 3/2-way single selenoid valve
  9. Min 1(one) 3/2-way selector switch valve
  10. Min 2(two) 5/2-way selector switch valve
  11. Min 1(one) 5/2-way single pilot valve
  12. Min 1(one) 5/2-way double pilot valve
  13. Min 2(two) 5/2-way single selenoid valve
  14. Min 2(two) 5/2-way double selenoid valve
  15. Min 1(one) Shuttle valve
  16. Min 1(one) Dual-pressure valve
  17. Min 2(two)) One-way flow control valve
  18. Pneumatic distrubute line
  19. Min 4 (four) relay modul with 4 mm socket input
  20. Min 4 (four) switch modul with 4 mm socket input
  21. GND and 24 volt power line with 4 mm socket input
  22. Min 2 (four) lamp modul with 4 mm socket input
  23. Pressure regulator with pressure gauge
  24. All necessary fittings and plumbing


  • User’s Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Training video for teachers

Power Specs

  • Electrical box
  • Residual current device
  • Emergency Button
  • Energy Signal Lamp
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz