Method of Flow Measurement


Measuring the flow rate is an important aspect in measurement technology. There are several ways to measure the flow of fluids in pipes. With FM 100.04 students can familiarize themselves with various methods for measuring flow in the pipe system and apply them in practice. The experimental unit contains different measuring instruments to determine the flow rate. These instruments are designed with transparent cases in order to visualize how they operate and function. T

he methods include, for example, rota meters, a Venturi nozzle or orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle. Six tube manometers are used in order to determine the pressure distribution in the Venturi nozzle or the orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle. The total pressure is measured by a Pitot tube. The experimental unit is positioned easily and securely on the work surface of the FM 100 base module. The water is supplied and the flow rate measured by FM 100. Alternatively, the experimental unit can be operated by the laboratory supply.


  1. Different methods of flow rate measurement
  2. Measuring instruments: orifice plate flow meter/measuring nozzle, Venturi nozzle and rota meter
  3. 8 tube manometers to determine the pressure distribution in Venturi nozzle, orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle
  4. Measurement of the total pressure with Pitot tube
  5. Flow rate determined by FM 100 base module
  6. Water supply via FM 100 or via laboratory supply Technical Details • Venturi nozzle: A=84…338mm2
  7. Angle at the inlet: 10,5°
  8. Angle at the outlet: 4°
  9. Orifice plate flow meter: Ø 14mm
  10. Measuring nozzle: Ø 18,5mm
  11. Rotameter: max. 1700L/h

Measuring ranges:

  • Pressure: 8x 0…390mmW