Magneto Test Device


Magneto Test Bench can be used to test functionality of the most Bendix and Slick magnetos.

It features a variable-speed drive motor with a solid-state speed controller and tachometer.

The unit is reversible and can be used to test both right-hand and left-hand drive magnetos


  • There is a tachometer (revolution measurement indicator) on the system.
  • There is a 2.2 kW AC motor and a motor driver on the system.
  • System’s maximum operating device is 3000 rpm and system’s revolution is
    measured with a sensor momentarily.
  • There are 12 spark bar unit in the system.
  • Magneto connection parts will be given with the system to connect magnetos
    easier to the main system.
  • There is closed cabinet at the lower part of the system.

Power Specs

  • Operating voltage of the device is 220 V / 50Hz – 110V/50Hz


  • 100cm x 50 cm x 115 cm (WxLxH).