Introducing the Refrigeration


With simple and clear experiments this equipment is intended mainly as a basic introduction to refrigeration. CS-102 enables familiarization with the operation and handling of a refrigeration system. The experimental unit includes all the necessary components for a fully operational refrigeration circuit, such as compressor, condenser, evaporator and a needle valve as expansion element. Other components complement the scope of the equipment: display and control panel, receiver, pressure switches and pressure display to protect the compressor against excessive pressure and a flow meter and sight glass with filter/drier. A heat exchanger air-refrigerant is available as condenser. The evaporator is present twice: as air/refrigerant heat exchanger and as water/refrigerant heat exchanger. This allows for different component combinations. The components are mounted on plates and form installation-ready modules. 6 modules are positioned in the frame at any one time and connected via hoses and supply cables. The receiver is integrated into the refrigeration circuit as a stand-alone module. This allows for the construction of different simple compression refrigeration systems. For operating the system, the refrigerant filling and evacuation equipment is required, e.g., CS 150 In experiments the processes in the equipment and the changes in the refrigerant state are initially demonstrated. Continued experiments allow the use of the equipment as a refrigeration system. Pressures, flow rates power consumption of the compressor are displayed as important characteristic variables of refrigeration circuits. The temperature is measured by inter-laboratory thermometers.


  1. Setup of simple refrigeration circuits with different components
  2. 8 self-contained operational modules
  3. Light-weight aluminum frame to arrange 6 modules
  4. Evaporator available as air/refrigerant heat exchanger (finned tube heat exchanger)
  5. Condenser available as air/refrigerant heat exchanger (finned tube heat exchanger) and as water/ refrigerant heat exchanger (with pipe coil)
  6. Modules fitted with manual valves
  7. Components connected via hoses
  8. Refrigerant R134Aa, GWP: 1430

Technical Details

  1. Hermetic refrigerant compressor
  2. Power consumption: 67W at 5/40°C
  3. Refrigeration capacity: 250 W at 5/40°C
  4. Water tank, evaporator: 2L
  5. Pressure switch activation pressure
  6. LP: 1bar
  7. HP: 14bar
  8. Manometer
  9. Inlet side (low pressure): 1…10bar
  10. Outlet side (high pressure): 1…30bar
  11. Rotameter: 0…7,4L/h 
  12. Refrigerant
  13. R134a
  14. GWP: 1430
  15. Filling volume: 750g
  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
  • 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase • 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase