Heat Pump for Cooling and Heating


Refrigeration systems and heat pumps only differ in the definition of their use, but can be of the same design. For example, goods can be refrigerated in a supermarket and the store heated with the waste heat. The store can also be cooled with the same system in the summer.

With CS -104 the cooling and heating operation can be investigated. Different operating modes can be selected via solenoid valves. The refrigeration circuit with compressor and condenser (heat exchanger with fan) includes two evaporators with fans (refrigeration stage and freezing stage) and thermostatic expansion valves. The two evaporators can be connected in parallel or in series. For the connection in series the capillary tube serves as expansion element for the refrigeration stage evaporator. The refrigerant circuit is connected to a glycol-water circuit via a coaxial coil heat exchanger. Via solenoid valves the coaxial coil heat exchanger can be switched as an evaporator or condenser. Thus, the glycol-water mixture in the tank can be heated or cooled. In pure cooling operation (without heating function) the heat exchanger with fan as air-cooled condenser dissipates the heat. This heat exchanger can be also switched as an evaporator.

The measured values are read from digital displays and can at the same time be transmitted via USB directly to a PC. The software included enables easy analysis and the representation of the process. The ADF software provides exact data on the condition of the refrigerant, which is used to calculate the refrigerant mass flow rate accurately. The calculation therefore gives a much more accurate result than measurement using conventional methods.


  1. Different operating modes selectable via solenoid valves
  2. Refrigeration circuit with compressor, condenser (heat exchanger with fan), 2 evaporators with fan (refrigeration and freezing stage)
  3. Glycol-water circuit with tank, pump and coaxial coil heat exchanger
  4. Coaxial coil heat exchanger and heat exchanger with fan can both be used as condenser or evaporator in the refrigeration circuit
  5. One (1) thermostatic expansion valve each for all heat exchangers and evaporators
  6. One (1) additional evaporation pressure controller and one (1) capillary tube for the refrigeration stage evaporator
  7. Displays for temperature, pressure, flow rate and power consumption of the compressor refrigerant mass flow rate precisely calculated via ADF software
  8. ADF software for data acquisition via Ethernet under Windows 8.1, 10

Technical Details

  1. Compressor
  2. Refrigeration capacity: 1561W at 5/40°C
  3. Power consumption: 759W at 5/40°C
  4. Heat exchanger with fan
  5. Transfer area: 1,5 m2
  6. Volumetric air flow rate: 680m3/h
  7. Evaporators with fan
  8. Refrigeration stage transfer area: 1,21m2, volumetric air flow rate: 80m3/h
  9. Freezing stage transfer area: 3,62m2, volumetric air flow rate: 125m3/h
  10. Refrigerant: R134A, GWP:1430

Measuring ranges:

  • Temperature: 11x -50…150°C
  • Pressure: 2x -1…15bar, 1x -1…24bar
  • Flow rate: calculated 2,5…65g/s
  • Power: 0…1150W
  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
  • 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

Required for operation

  • PC with Windows recommended