Fluidization Process Study


The equipment is used to study fluidization process within the laboratory works carried out at project universities

Study of the properties and main regularities of the formation of two-phase flows in the context of the fluidization process

Experimental determination of criteria relations that connect the characteristic parameters of the processes under study with the flow rate, density, size and shape of particles of bulk material, the initial height of the layer

Study of the structure of the granular layer depending on the speed of the air flow

Determination of the dependence of the pressure drop across the material layer on the air flow velocity


  1. Metal(aluminum frame )
  2. Fluidization column
  3. Compressor
  4. Flowmeter
  5. Pressure sensor
  6. Frequency transducer
  7. Electronic control unit
  8. Availability of special software (with interface in russian and/or english)
  9. All markings, nameplates, and inscriptions on the casing shall be in English and/or Russian
  • Equipment will be supplied as a complete delivery set and shall be compatible with design and functionality

Dimensions and weight

  • Height: 700mm  Width: 550mm   Depth: 700mm

Delivery set will include,

  • Fluidization Process Study Laboratory Equipment – 1 set
  • Computer connecting cables – 1 set
  • Special software – 1 set
  • Description of possible laboratory works with Fluidization Process Study laboratory equipment (in Turkish)
  • If any accessories or equipment is required to running of Fluidization Process Study laboratory equipment, manufacturer supplies.
  • Laptop is not included