Biodiesel Plant


Chemical transesterification of vegetable oils

Two-stage, continuous process


  1. Chemical transesterification of vegetable oils
  2. Two-stage, continuous process
  3. Two heated stirred tank reactors for chemical transesterification
  4. Two phase separators for separating products and byproducts
  5. Methanol recovery (distillation) to reduce the amount of methanol required
  6. Biodiesel washing (absorption) to extract impurities from the biodiesel
  7. Variation of process parameters to investigate the dependencies of biodiesel production
  8. PLC for controlling the plant
  9. Touch panel for operating the PLC
  10. A software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 8, 10


  1. Tanks
    • Stirred tank reactors: 2x 5L
    • Storage tank (vegetable oil): 110L
    • Storage tank (chemicals): 45L
    • Product tank: 110L
    • By-product tank: 45L
    • Methanol tank: 6L
    • Phase separator/biodiesel washer: 3x 15L
    • Peristaltic pumps: max. 25L/h
  2. Measuring ranges
    • Temperature: 6x 0…100°C
    • Pressure: 1x 0…6bar (abs.)
    • Flow rate: 11x 0…30L/h
    • Level:
      • 3x 1…22cm
      • 2x 1…29cm

Physical and Environmental

  • LxWxH: approx. 1900x790x1700mm (supply unit)
  • LxW×H: approx. 2200x790x1700mm (trainer)
  • Weight :approx. 560 kg

Power and Electrical

  • Mains Connection: 230V, 50Hz, 1 phases

Required for operation

  • Vegetable oil
  • Potassium Hydroxide
  • Methanol
  • Nitrogen 0,06kg/h
  • min. 2bar
  • Water connection + drain
  • 400L/h, min. 2bar;
  • Exhaust air + ventilation 245m°/h
  • PC with Windows recommended