Analogue Cockpit Instrumentation System Trainer


Aircraft Analogue Cockpit Instrument Training Set (CBT-100F) is a complete and fully functional simulation of typical aircraft analogue cockpit. It includes essential flight, engine and pitot-static instruments. This training set provides hands-on maintenance training while also functioning as a demonstration tool for instructors. It demonstrates the principles of gyros, altimeter and the engine instruments, and also can be used for teaching of instrument removal and replacement.

NOTE: The trainer can be customized with sensors and indicators according to your training needs. Please contact us for your special requests.

NOTE: Please check CBT-100B model if you are looking for trainer with PFD/MFD.

This trainer also allows to perform practical tasks of EASA PART 147 ATA-31-00-00


  1. The system combines “Cockpit analog flight instrumentation” and “engine instrumentation”.
  2. Three degrees of freedom instrument panel permits full demonstration of attitude and directional gyro functions.
  3. Functional engine instrumentation system be connected to engine sensors.
  4. All analog instruments operate manually
  5. Primary flight display be mounted on a panel that can simulate roll, pitch, and yaw movements controlled by a mechanism operated by a control yoke.
  6. Provision of engine sensor simulation.
  7. Pitot-static system.
  8. Instructor’s Panel for fault insertion


  1. Analog instruments
    • Attitude Gyro and Indicator
    • Directional Gyro / Heading Indicator
    • Airspeed Indicator
    • Altimeter
    • Vertical (Upload speed) Speed Indicator
    • Turn and Slip Indicator
    • Fuel Temp/Press Indicator
    • Oil Temp/Press Indicators
    • Fuel Level Indicator
    • MAP
    • RPM / engine tachometer
    • Vacuum Gauge
  2. Sensors:
    • Oil Temperature Sensor
    • Manifold Pressure Sensor
    • Fuel Level Sensor
    • Oil Pressure Sensor
    • Fuel Pressure Sensor
    • Engine RPM Sensor
    • Ammeter Shunt
    • Pitot Tube
    • Static Port
  3. Aircraft circuit breakers.
  4. Throttle Lever
  5. Pitot-Static System:
    • Pitot Tube
    • Fuselage Static Port
    • Alternate Static Port
    • Static Source Selector Switch
    • Two Test Ports for Pitot-Static Test Set
  6. Power
    • Main Power
    • Tachometer
    • Turn & Slip
    • Vacuum Pump


  • User’s Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Device’s original Manual
  • Device’s original Wiring Diagrams
  • Training video for teachers

Power Specs

  • Electrical box
  • Residual current device
  • Emergency Button
  • Energy Signal Lamp
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz

Required Items

  • Lighter
  • Air Compressor max 90 PSI pressure outlet


  • Instructor’s Panel Control Box for Scenario and Fault Simulation