Aircraft Water Servicing Cart


Trainees can learn about fresh and dirty water system parts in an aircraft with WSC-100A Aircraft Water Servicing Cart Training Set.

They can also gain hands-on maintenance procedures of a lavatory in an aircraft.


  1. Understanding fundamentals of Aircraft Water Servicing Cart and its components.
  2. Aircraft Water Servicing Cart
  3. Delivered fully assembled tested and ready to operate
  4. Water Storage
  5. Water Draining
  6. Accomplishing the refilling procedure of the potable tank with Water Servicing Cart
  7. Accomplishing the draining procedure of the waste tank with Water Servicing Car
  8. Accomplishing the applying the disinfectant procedure in the waste holding tank with Water Servicing Car


  1. Mock-Up Aircraft Water Servicing Cart Simulated
  2. Water Tank
  3. Water Service Control Panel
  4. Water Access Door
  5. Drain Connection from Waste Tank
  6. Drain Hose
  7. Rinse Hose / Refill Hose
  8. Water Pump
  9. AC Power Lamp
  10. Electrical Connection Point
  11. Filler Service Point
  12. Manuel Water Shut-Off Valve


  • User’s Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Training video for teachers