Aircraft Ice & Rain Protection & Control System Trainer


AID-100A Ice and Rain Protection System Trainer offers opportunity to trainees to physically see various components and connections in between them in real-life like mechanism.

It brings together all aspects of deicing and rain protection system on aircrafts.

AID-100A is manufactured with authentic aircraft components. It is mounted on movable four-wheeled frame that can be positioned as necessary


  1. Understanding fundamentals of aircraft Ice & Rain Protection & Control System and its components.
  2. Windshield heating system
  3. Pitot tube heating system
  4. The pitot tube is in a transparent protection area.
  5. Propeller blade heating system
  6. Slip ring system for propeller principles is exhibited
  7. Drain Mast heating system
  8. Pneumatic de-ice boot
  9. Windshield wiper system
  10. Windshield wiper is in a compartment with a transparent front part.
  11. Windshield wiper is automatically spray water/alcohol to the surface.
  12. Water in windshield wiper compartment is accumulate to water/alcohol tank through drain line.
  13. The hose and tubes used in the trainer are labeled according to aviation standards.
  14. Wirings on the trainer are connected via terminals.
  15. Wires have clear identification labels for each wire.
  16. All wires are coded and labeled for troubleshooting.
  17. The system mounted on a metal/aluminum mobile stand.
  18. Metal/aluminum frame with 4 wheels. 2 of 4 wheels are lockable.
  19. Delivered fully assembled tested and ready to operate
  20. Colored Ultraviolet printing method on aluminum composite panel


  1. Aircraft composite Propeller blade with electrical de-ice boot
  2. Propeller heating timer control box
  3. Propeller Slip-ring
  4. Pneumatic De-Ice Boot
  5. Pump for Pneumatic De-Ice Boot
  6. Lower EICAS or ECAM
    • Bleed valve status
    • Bleed line pressure
    • Fuel flow indicator
    • Switch Position
    • Valve status
  7. Bleed Control Panel
  8. Windshield wiper control panel
    • Off position
    • Park position
    • Low and High position
    • Panel is independent of other panels.
  9. Window heat panel
    • Left side and forward control
    • Right side and forward control
    • Panel is independent of other panels.
  10. Wing and Engine Anti-Ice control panel
  11. Windscreen Wiper
  12. Windscreen Wiper motor/actuator
  13. Windscreen Wiper Arm/blade
  14. Aircraft Window with heating elements
  15. Temperature control thermostat
  16. Window heating timer control box
  17. Windshield De-Icing Alcohol Dispensing
  18. Water/Alcohol Pump
  19. Water/Alcohol Tank
  20. Sprayer
  21. Pitot Tube with electrical heating elements
  22. Pitot tube heating timer control box


  • User’s Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Training video for teachers

Power Specs

  • Electrical box
  • LAN connection point
  • Residual current device
  • Emergency Button
  • Energy Signal Lamp
  • 110C 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz

Required Items

  • Air Compressor max 90 PSI pressure outlet
  • Water or Alcohol


  • Instructor’s Panel Control Application (without computer) for Scenario and
    Fault Simulation