Aircraft Gyroscope Training Set


GYR-100A Magnetic Compass System Training Set is designed to teach the operational logic and system components of a Magnetic Compass. Trainees can operate a Magnetic Compass. system in this set and observe from indicator screen.

They can also learn maintenance principles of Magnetic Compass system.

This trainer also allows to perform practical tasks of EASA PART 147 ATA-34-20-01


  1. Fully functional and configured like a typical aircraft Magnetic Compass
  2. Compass System provides the pilot with a simple, comprehensive visual display of the aircraft’s heading and position in relation to a desired course.
  3. Complete slaved compass system that includes a magnetic slaving transmitter, a slaving control and compensator unit, a directional gyro for stabilization of the system, and the Pictorial Navigation Indicator (PNI) itself.
  4. Combine the display functions of the standard Directional Gyro with VOR/LOC course deviation indication and Glideslope deviation and flag into one compact display.
  5. The Pictorial Navigation Indicator provides a pictorial display of the horizontal navigation situation. Also provides manual controls for course and heading datum selections. Outputs from the system are for automatic pilot or flight director, VOR receivers and additional compass loads
  6. The Directional Gyro is a remote mounted unit which, in conjunction with the Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter, provides a gyro-stabilized magnetic heading to the system Indicator. In addition to the slaving circuitry this unit contains an internal power supply which provides excitation voltages for the Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter and positive and negative D.C. voltages for the Pictorial Navigation Indicator and the Slaving Accessory.
  7. The Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter senses the direction of the earth’s magnetic field and transmits this information to the Pictorial Navigation Indicator.
  8. The Slaving Accessory is a panel mounted unit which contains the slaving meter, slaving switches, and corrector circuitry which compensates for the effect of local magnetic disturbances on the Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter.
  9. The trainer should allow trainees to understand fundamentals of aircraft magnetic compass system and its components.
  10. Low trainees to understand fundamentals of aircraft magnetic compass system and its components.
  11. The system mounted on a metal/aluminum mobile stand.
  12. Metal/aluminum frame with 4 wheels. 2 of 4 wheels are lockable.


  1. Pictorial Navigation Indicator (HSI)
  2. Directional Gyro
  3. Flux Detector (The Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter)
  4. Slaving Accessory
  5. Digital instrument
  6. DC Power Box
  7. Circuit Breaker

 Components Technical Specs

  1. Pictorial Navigation Indicator
    • Lubber Line
    • Nav Warning Flag
    • Heading Select Bug
    • Compass warning Flag
    • Selected Course pointer
    • To/From indicator
    • GS Deviation Scale
    • Compass Card
    • VOR/LOC Deviation Bar
  2. Directional Gyro
    • Remote mounted
    • Original Mounted Tray
    • Power: 14- or 28-volt dc
    • 300-degree free turn able system for testing
  3. Flux Detector (The Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter)
  4. Slaving Accessory
    • Slave/Free Gyro Switch
    • Slaving Meter indicator
    • CW/CCW Adjustment
  5. Digital instrument for Gyro degree
    • Size: Min 7 inch
    • Touchable
    • Real Times


  • User’s Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Device’s original Manual
  • Device’s original Wiring Diagrams
  • Training video for teachers

Power Specs

  • Electrical box
  • Residual current device
  • Emergency Button
  • Energy Signal Lamp
  • 110C 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz


  • Instructor’s Panel Control Box for Scenario and Fault Simulation