Aircraft Cabin Service Trainer


Aircraft Cabin Service Trainer (CST-100A) is designed with a mockup of an aircraft model. These mock-up cabins can be produced with original-serviced or replica parts in line with clients’ needs. Mock up manufacturing is custom made and it can be fit according to space or needs of the client.

Aircraft Cabin Service Trainer (CST-100A) enables trainees to get experience on aircraft cabin systems. The CST-100A ensures practical training with original aircraft cabin equipment configured to bring real-life experience to the training environment. Our design provides trainees with a good understanding of cabin equipment. We understand and tailor according to our customers’ training needs.

Installation and training for instructors on the cabin crew training set is given by our company’s expert personnel.

We can produce special order. Please contact us for detail.


  1. Cabin Service Trainer look like a vertical cut-away of an aircraft
  2. Cabin Service Trainer is installed by the company to designated area
  3. Aircraft seat row
  4. Seat belt.
  5. Hand lockers.
  6. Side wall window panel
  7. Full passenger service units (PSU).
  8. Cabin Service Trainer is covered with carpet.
  9. High-Lighted lines on the carper
  10. Two or more cabin crew jump seat
  11. Galley system
    • Hot-cup
    • water boiler
    • Oven
    • Circuit breaker panel
  12. Toilet
    • Smoke detector and simulator
  13. Intercom system (handset) (front and rear)
  14. Touchable Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS)
    • Panel size is 10 inches or more
    • Automatic announce
    • Smoke status
    • Call from passenger or pilot
    • Controlling all lights
    • Controlling all PSU
  15. Emergency Exit lights
    • Lights can control by CIDS system
  16. WC status lights
    • Lights can control by CIDS system and from toilet
  17. PSU should be opened by CIDS system
  18. Corridor and ceiling lights
    • Lights can control by CIDS system
    • Lights have 3 level dimmer system
  19. Infant seat belt
  20. Extend seat belt
  21. Smoke glasses
  22. Electric torch
  23. Megaphone
  24. PBE kit
  25. Kevlar gloves
  26. Medical care kit
  27. Fifty (50) safety cards
  28. Demo kit
  29. Movable oxygen tube and mask
  30. Fire extinguisher
  31. MRT tool
  32. Full size trolley
  33. Half size trolleys
  34. Drawers
  35. Images printed on foil
    • Emergency exit door
    • Cockpit or cockpit door
    • Outside of trainer
    • Rear of trainer


  • User’s Manual

Power Specs

  • Electrical box
  • Residual current device
  • Emergency Button
  • Energy Signal Lamp
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50 Hz