Absorption Process Study


The equipment is used to study absorption process within the laboratory works carried out at project universities

Study of absorption process

Determination of the oxygen in the air

Determination of dissolved oxygen concentration in water

Study of the process of oxygen absorption by water with temperature change


  1. Metal (aluminum frame )
  2. Availability of absorber
  3. Availability of control unit
  4. Availability of an oxygen concentration sensor in the air
  5. Availability of dissolved oxygen concentration sensor in water
  6. Availability of temperature sensor
  7. Availability of pump
  8. Availability of compressor
  9. Availability of controls
  10. Availability of electronic measuring system
  11. Availability of special software (with interface in english and/or russian) compatible with the laboratory equipment
  12. All markings, nameplates, and inscriptions on the casing shall be in English and/or Russian
  • Equipment will be supplied as a complete delivery set and shall be compatible with design and functionality

Power Specs

  • 220V± 10%, 50Hz
  • Power Cable, European Standard

Dimensions and weight

  • Height: 1000mm  Width: 600mm   Depth: 700mm

Delivery set will include,

  • Absorption Process Study Laboratory Equipment – 1 set
  • Laptop connecting cables – 1 set
  • Special software – 1 set
  • Description of possible laboratory works with Absorption Process Study laboratory equipment (in Turkish) – 1 set