Gazhane Science Center

Energy Theme, Istanbul, 2019-2020

Currently restored by Guryapi, Gazhane is one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality facilities. For its science campus, we are producing 26 interactive exhibitions to fit into the area of 350 m2. Visitors will be able to experiment and learn about the formation, transformation, types and future of energy together with the effects of energy usage on climate change when project is launched later this year.


  • Electromagnetic Wave
  • You are the Energy
  • Understanding Energy
  • Motion Energy
  • Energy Forms
  • Gravity
  • Simple Machines – Lifter
  • Simple Machines – Reels
  • Carbon Emission Effects of Energy Usage
  • Electric Energy – Generator
  • Story of Coal
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Story of Oil
  • Story of Natural Gas
  • Lightning Energy
  • Uranium
  • Solar Energy
  • Interactive Wall – Energy & Climate Change
  • Seismic Energy
  • Wave Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Tidal Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Green Energy
  • Energy Management
  • Becoming Conscious Consumer: At Home & Around the City